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And we’re back!

Finally! Folk at the Boat 2020 becomes Folk at the Boat 2021 and will happen on 8th August!

The line-up remains much the same as 2020 with the magnificent FAKE THACKRAY as the headline act!!

Details will follow next week – see you then!

Folk at the Boat Postponed

In consultation with Andy the Landlord, we have reluctantly decided to postpone this year’s Folk at the Boat until next year. It looks as though the line-up will be exactly the same, only the date will have been changed. We can’t tell you what that date is yet, for the very good reason that the pub is currently totally involved with the supply of “Meals for Medics”.

You can get involved, too: go to the Meals for Medics Facebook page to find out what stock they need and how to get it to them. If you can’t make it into Ipswich, then you can contribute to their fundraising appeal at

It’s all about the archives at the moment

As The Committee get to grips with the nitty-gritty of organising this year’s event, the gnomes – well, all right, the gnome – is busy updating the archive pages. Please go and take a look, we’re nearly there.

However … if anyone has photographs of the 2011 Steamboat Folk Weekend, you will observe that that puts you one-up on us. Please get in touch, we’d be grateful for anything you could let us have.